Engage Your Class with These Fun Online Math Games

EpsonMay 15, 2024

Math concepts often require lots of practice for students to master. However, kids typically become bored and disinterested with traditional math practice sheets. They also don’t get immediate feedback regarding correct answers, and they don’t gain a sense of accomplishment when mastering new skills. Without concerted effort, math lessons can quickly become repetitive and uninteresting for kids.

However, almost every kid loves to play online games, and many are motivated to get more playing time. By using an interactive projector, your class can play together and learn from each other. Students will be more enthusiastic, especially those who have math anxiety, and may not even realize that they are practicing important skills. You don’t need a fancy screen. Just project the game onto a wall, whiteboard or table. And there’s no need to get approval or use your own money for the games — many great math games are available for free online.

Here are three classroom games to give your lesson plan a lift:

Online Games for Elementary School Students

Who doesn’t love a picture of a cute animal? Students won’t realize they are actually doing addition and subtraction exercises when playing Puzzle Pics on Math Playground. Kids move around interactive puzzle pieces to answer a math problem at the bottom of the screen. After nine correct answers, a complete animal image is revealed. Once your class masters one level, just move up to the next grade level for more challenging problems. 

Online Games for Middle School Students

Kids always want to know why they need to learn algebra. You can show them the answer to this age-old question by playing Algebraic Reasoning Sweet Shop on Math Playground. By using stacks of candy, kids use algebra equations to figure out how much each piece of candy is worth. Not only will they brush up on their algebra, but they will hit the next lesson in their books with a better understanding of how they will use math in the real world.

Online Games for High School Students

It’s easy to forget that high schoolers — even those at the trigonometry level — can learn through games as well as the younger set. When your class plays Sortify: Angles on Brainpop, students sort cards into bins, placing the correct label on them. Some cards need to be linked together, like those that form complementary or supplementary angles. Submit the bins to be checked and earn points for correct answers.

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