Sourcewell, Epson Team Up to Deliver Powerful Printing Solutions to Schools, Government Agencies and Nonprofits

EpsonOctober 14, 2021

Buying high-quality printers has never been easier for schools, government agencies, and nonprofits thanks to Epson being awarded a Sourcewell contract in July 2021. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, Sourcewell is a well-established and highly respected national cooperative purchasing organization that is purpose-driven to help local municipalities, schools and nonprofits procure required tools and technologies more efficiently.

In other words, Sourcewell does the due diligence required through competitive solicitation, researching available products on the market to determine which are the best and most cost-effective. This streamlines the procurement and RFP process so organizations can spend more time focusing on their missions.

By taking advantage of this new partnership, your school, government agency, or nonprofit can enjoy the benefits of high-quality printers that support your use case without having to spend time surveying the wide variety of solutions on the market.

Why Epson?

Here are five reasons why organizations are increasingly turning to Epson to solve their printing needs.

1. A trusted contract

Epson received the Sourcewell contract after the group studied the company’s business inkjet solutions and determined they could meet stringent value and quality standards. As such, agencies, nonprofits, and schools that procure Epson solutions through Sourcewell can rest comfortably knowing they’re ending up with a vetted solution at a great price point. 

2. The inkjet advantage

Epson’s business inkjet printers enable you to print vivid, colorful graphics and text consistently and at scale. With the combination of Epson’s fast-drying DURABrite Ultra inks and PrecisionCore printheads, you’ll experience what it’s like to print sharp images at up to 40 million dots per second. Since most business owners believe that color plays a huge role in how organizations compete, quality can never be an afterthought when it comes to purchasing printers.

3. Productivity

Thanks to Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology™ and proprietary ink ejection process, organizations like yours can be productive with fast, efficient printing. Instead of waiting for a printer to warm up, you can enjoy fast first page and first set out print times. As an added bonus, Epson’s high-yield consumables and minimal maintenance parts can translate to less intervention and down time1, which can help deliver additional productivity gains.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Together, Epson’s proprietary designs and productivity gains can really add up to deliver significant cost savings. To illustrate, Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 MFP offers remarkable performance — it’s a powerful but efficient inkjet workhorse that features the lowest power consumption in its class.2 Plus, since Epson inkjet printers help mitigate manual interventions, this can help save on labor costs, too.

5. Environmental Benefits

Epson business inkjet printers can also help organizations meet their sustainability goals. For starters, Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechnologyTM can help mitigate power usage. For example, our WorkForce Enterprise WF C21000 A3 MFP provides breakthrough speed with brilliant-quality color output while using up to 80% less energy than top-selling A3 color laser office printers.3 Thanks to their efficiency, the printers also substantially reduce abandoned print jobs, resulting in less paper usage. 

What’s more, since there are fewer maintenance parts compared to typical laser printers, there are also fewer parts to replace. And Epson business inkjet printers can also be managed and serviced remotely with Epson Device Admin to help reduce logistics costs.

Epson for Schools

Epson business inkjet printers can help deliver value to schools and the taxpayers that fund them. Students and teachers end up with high-quality printed documents that can help improve learning and retention. And schools can improve operations by using technology that helps reduce printing and maintenance costs, thereby contributing to a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Epson for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions to their problems. The less money they spend on equipment, the more money they can devote to fulfilling their missions. Epson’s business inkjet solutions enable nonprofits to leverage the impact of high-quality printing without breaking the bank — all while doing their part to work more efficiently and be more mindful of the environment.

Epson for Government

By choosing Epson’s business inkjet printing solutions, government agencies can help deliver value to taxpayers and work more efficiently by using technology that helps reduce costs and waste while improving productivity and workflow. At the same time, they can impress constituents with high-quality printouts and lead by example by being more mindful of the environment.

To learn more about the transformative nature of Epson’s business inkjet printing solutions, visit

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2Compared to similarly featured A3 color laser printers and copiers at 45 ppm or higher based on industry available data as of December 2020. Actual power savings will vary by product model and usage.

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