Case Study: Adopting Epson Cleanroom SCARA Robots for Medical Syringe Manufacturing

EpsonEpsonAugust 25, 2021

For more than 35 years, NuTecTooling Systems has designed and manufactured an extensive range of electro-mechanical automation solutions. Learn how Epson Robots supported them to fulfill a customer request to develop a new machine to automate the handling of syringe manufacturing using a proprietary coating process that would give plastic syringes properties similar to glass.


Name: NuTecTooling Systems (now Tessy Automation as of June 2021)
Location: Meadville, PA
Founded: 1983


A large medical OEM customer requested that NuTecTooling Systems develop a new machine to automate manufacturing syringes for medical diagnostics, including a COVID-19 medical application.


NuTecTooling System’s Syringe coating machine includes four Epson G6 SCARA robots employed at various stations within the machine to cost-effectively and efficiently automate syringe manufacturing.