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3 Ways to Distinguish Yourself as a Durable Labels Converter

EpsonFebruary 24, 2022

Durable labels have a unique and essential presence in our global economy. They undergo relentless stress and must last the lifetime of their associated items — containers, equipment, components, and other elements across manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. The informational and regulatory requirements surrounding many of these items also mean there is no shortage of demand for durable labels.

The converters who produce durable labels are equally essential and always in demand. But it’s often difficult for converters to distinguish their durable labels printing operation from competitors in the field. What’s more, converters who specialize in durable labels for a specific industry or use case may struggle to break into new markets where competing converters are more established.

Fortunately, as a durable labels converter, you can take additional steps that can help you become more competitive in new and existing markets — adding appeal when engaging clients and prospects, as well as distinguishing yourself from direct competitors. In this article, we demonstrate how expertise, trust, and a digital label press can contribute to your success.

Take these steps as you grow your durable labels business

Durable labels converters have deep familiarity and expertise with adhesives, substrates, inks, and even embellishments that make their products practical, long-lasting, and compliant. Even so, it’s often difficult for converters to expand beyond their operational “comfort zones.” The following techniques can help you stand out as you work to grow your own durable labels business.

1. Become an expert in unique embellishments and features

Embellishments and unique design features are somewhat uncommon to durable labels. However, some unique use cases — those requiring special colors, tiny text, or unique tactile features, for example — call for highly specialized converters.

Embellishments of this kind may include unique security features, such as spot varnish watermarks or an added tactile effect. Some durable labels need to be serialized or need to include lots of information to remain compliant; the ability to print readable very small font sizes is important in these cases.

As a converter, you can distinguish yourself to clients and prospects who have these unique requirements. Adopting these capabilities also means greater relevance later — your services may appeal to clients who don’t need these capabilities now but anticipate they might need them in the future.

2. Become a trusted advisor and industry resource for customers

In addition to a superior product, your clients and customers value a supplier who serves as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. Converters of this kind remain up to date on the latest adhesives, substrates, and other materials, for example. They are the first to provide new value or meet a unique client need thanks to their familiarity and access to the latest developments in the industry.

Clients should be able to count on you to accommodate those new resources and developments. That means using a better adhesive or substrate when clients can benefit from them, for example, or adopting new technology that better serves their needs.

You can build better relationships with your own suppliers to remain up to date on their latest materials and capabilities. You can also broaden your exposure and reduce supply chain risk by creating new supplier relationships. In being proactive, you can become a premium partner in the eyes of your clients.

3. Adopt a modern digital label press to meet future client demands

Adopting a printing technology that delivers more vibrant colors, smoother gradations, sharper text, and consistently accurate barcodes is a great way to distinguish your business. But if you’re still limited only to a flexographic press, you may struggle to deliver in these areas. What’s more, you may be forced to turn down jobs that have smaller print runs due to the economics of flexo printing.

The latest digital label presses for durable labels can print high quality labels at a competitive cost compared to flexo, especially in short runs. Leading digital printers are also equipped to produce durable labels that comply with GHS and other regulatory requirements.

Distinguish yourself for business success

The Epson SurePress digital label press enables you to perform short print runs with highly durable UV ink. In fact, labels printed with Epson UV ink are BS5609 certified and are extremely durable to stand up to the rigors of use and abuse and offer exceptional lightfastness. Epson SurePress also supports unique embellishments and features exceptional resolution and dot control that help make smaller text and barcodes safe and readable. There has never been a better time to reinvest in your durable labels operations and outreach as a result.

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