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A Comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership for Multifunction Printers Identifies Critical Hidden Truths

EpsonJune 4, 2020

Organizations with multiple MFPs that see frequent use by large number of users will find that the operation costs may add up to very substantial figures. Starting with the cost of the device and supplies is important and necessary, but it’s essential to include user costs and also consider sustainability issues to get a complete picture.

When all these costs are combined, moving quickly and replacing legacy MFPs, working or not, could lead to real cost savings. Download this whitepaper today to learn:

  • How a complete perspective of the total cost of ownership (TCO) enables optimized spending on MFPs
  • How Epson’s MFPs with PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology can provide user-centric improvements and device-centric savings
  • How Epson’s Latest MFPs are designed to provide savings and support sustainability goals