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Are Your Digital Label Press Technicians Trained Properly? Here are 3 Signs to Look For

EpsonMay 6, 2024

When you’ve invested in a digital label press, you want to maximize its capabilities — and uptime. That’s why you’ll likely rely on a team of skilled technicians to support your press needs. As you make service calls, look for these three signs your technicians received proper training.

1. Their training takes place in person. Technicians best learn proper techniques for operating a digital label press under hands-on trainer supervision. In-person training also helps build muscle memory for tasks like cleaning, calibration, and maintenance.

By removing and replacing all the various press parts and components in person, Epson technicians learn and reproduce the Epson troubleshooting methodology — a tactile experience that’s hard to replicate in a virtual setting.

2. They learn from the pros. Experienced senior trainers have taught digital label press skills before, so they know the concepts and procedures that are most difficult for new technicians to grasp. They demonstrate nuances firsthand and can share real-world insights beyond textbook knowledge.

For these reasons, the very engineers who designed Epson SurePress train their technicians — all of whom are Epson employees. This level of trainer expertise helps SurePress technicians develop the full range of knowledge and hands-on abilities they need to excel.

3. They can resolve problems quickly. Well-trained technicians have the expertise to troubleshoot virtually any label press issues and minimize downtime. They can quickly identify solutions based on their in-depth knowledge of a specific press’s technology and maintenance needs.

This is another reason Epson employs technicians focused solely on the SurePress line. Their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience mean they’re experts on every unique aspect of that particular label press.  

Properly trained technicians equal more uptime and better outcomes for your digital label press — which translates to maximized productivity and return on investment, no matter what industry you’re in (everything from food and beverage to cosmetics to pharmaceuticals). It makes good business sense to purchase equipment from a company like Epson that recognizes the value of service and support — and shows that recognition in the skilled technicians it hires.

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