Epson Insights ᛫ Article ᛫ 1 Minute Read ᛫ Epson ᛫ April 30, 2019

Document Scanners: A Feature Comparison How-To

As the world goes digital, document scanners are an increasingly important asset to any office transitioning from paper to digital solutions to streamline operations.

While on the surface it seems that all document scanners are basically the same, this is not the case. Some models are basic machines, while others have the features you need to evolve business operations and processes. Because scanners are a considerable investment, you want a tool that will seamlessly transition your office into the next phase of digital transformation.

However, it can be overwhelming to look at lists of features and specifications. Certain features are essential to consider when purchasing because they help improve your workflow and increase productivity. Yet others may be more “nice-to-have” features that don’t affect day-to-day operations, but will enrich your office or employee experience.

At the end of the day, your scanner doesn’t need every feature—it needs the right features.

Here’s a helpful list of six essential things to consider during your next scanner purchase.

Download this feature comparison whitepaper to learn how Epson document scanners stack up.