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Epson Delivers Award-Winning Robots

EpsonJanuary 22, 2024

For nearly four decades, Epson Robots, the #1 SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, has provided top manufacturers with industry-leading robotic solutions. Drawing on our expertise in precision robotic automation, we have supported our customers in reducing production costs, improving product quality, and achieving higher productivity. At the heart of our success in small-parts-assembly applications is a commitment to design innovation. Epson Robots has received prestigious awards for industry innovation and is responsible for many technological firsts, including the world’s first folding-arm robotic design.

In 2021, Epson Robots was name by Automation World for their Leadership in Automation within the Robotics segment.

VT-Series 6-Axis Robots

With next-level technology, the VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is ideal for a wide variety of simple applications. The feature-packed performer includes a built-in controller, plus simplified cabling with a hollow end-of-arm design―all in a compact, SlimLine structure. The VT-Series is also available with optional Cleanroom and IP models.

In 2020, the VT6L won a Reddot Award for its design and space-saving installation plus was the winner of the Engineers’ Choice Award in the Motion Control – Robotics segment. Additionally, the VT6L was named a 2019 Assembly Trade Show New Product of the Year for its innovative features.

N-Series 6-Axis Robots

With the N-Series, Epson introduced the world’s first folding-arm 6-Axis robots. Built in response to a growing demand for more efficient workspace utilization, this lineup optimizes motion efficiency for faster cycle times, minimizes elbow interference, and improves tight-space motion capability.

The N2 was named a 2018 Silver Edison Award Winner in the category of Applied Technology and won the highly acclaimed 2017 Golden Mousetrap Award in the category of Automation & Control: Motors and Mechanical Motion Devices.

T-Series All-in-One SCARA Robots

The T-Series All-in-One SCARA robots offer manufacturers the perfect way to automate factories without wasting time or money on expensive, complex, slide-based solutions. This innovative alternative installs in minutes and virtually eliminates any space-constraint issues. A unique all-in-one solution, it features a built-in controller and power for end-of-arm tooling. Starting at $7,495, this full featured performer is an extraordinary value-without-compromise automation solution.

Integrated Vision Guidance

Designed for vision guidance applications, Epson Vision Guide makes precision robotic guidance easy to use. Fully integrated within the Epson RC+® development environment for easy configuration and calibration, this intuitive solution features a point-and-click interface that makes it simple for users of all levels.

Force Guide

  • Epson’s high-performance Force Guide takes robot automation to the next level with superior precision and outstanding rigidity. Powered by proprietary Epson Quartz Technology, it enables Epson robots to detect six axes of force with precision down to 0.1 N. Driven by real-time servo system integration, Force Guide delivers fast, tactile feedback to guide robots for high-precision parts placement.
  • In 2019, Epson Force Guide received the Silver Honoree Award in the Robotics category at the Fifth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards.

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