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Multidisciplinary Artist Creates Immersive Experience ‘Homebody’ at Ciel Creative Space

EpsonApril 20, 2022

“Homebody” was the first immersive art experience of multidisciplinary artist Allison “Hueman” Torneros. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, “Homebody” explored themes of identity within the self and the larger community through original murals, portraits and sculptures displayed through projection mapping and augmented reality.

Hueman collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow and Sean Mason from A3 Visual to create the experience hosted at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, Calif. As the main creative designer and projection mapper, Winslow brought his experience with multiple mediums and a mix of old and new technologies to the project, and A3 provided systems integration.

The past two years have affected the way people look at themselves and each other, and Hueman believed the collective experience in isolation is something worth reflecting on. With this exhibit, Hueman wanted to explore identity in the context of an unprecedented moment in time, meeting at the intersection of art and technology. Epson’s laser projectors enabled Hueman to create an immersive installation – submerging visitors in a colorful mash-up of the abstract and figurative to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Translucent floor-to-ceiling installations played with themes of transparency, light, color, and space. Visitors stepped into a full 360 experience, brought to life by projection mapping and augmented reality activated on smart devices. The team used Epson LightScene and Pro Series 3LCD projectors in the following three main installations throughout the space, along with some of other areas to add illumination effects:

  • Isolation – Veils of fabric hang scattered across the space are brought to life by projection-mapped animation
  • Collaboration – Collaborative animation engulfs the space in projection mapped magic, exploring the transformation of human identity through time, from ancient statues to AI-created human faces
  • Chrysalis – A sculpture of a large bust with an inverted face sits in the middle of a space, surrounded by a hanging curtain of organza; with projection mapping enhancing cloud murals on the walls, guests experienced a sunrise to sunset experience as they feel a sense of peace and rebirth

Epson’s 3LCD laser projection solutions allowed Hueman to push the boundaries of digital and physical. Enabling Hueman to focus on creation, Epson’s products offered state-of-the-art technology, durability and true to life color output to help transform Ciel Creative Space into an experience that will be remembered.

Run by an all-female team with a mission to make space more human and bring awareness to BIPOC business owners, Ciel Creative Space offers connected studios and creative spaces. On the forefront of a new trend by combining tech and different art forms, Ciel encourages artists, production crews, creatives, and its local community to reimagine leadership in the creative industry and the role of tech in human connection and identity.

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