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Review this Checklist Before You Start Gathering Your Requirements

EpsonNovember 9, 2019

You’ve decided to improve productivity and increase revenue by using robotics to automate operations. The next step is to purchase a robot that will meet your business needs and provide the highest ROI. It’s time to start by researching the options on the market to learn which robot is best for your organization. 

Right? Not exactly.

There’s an important in-between process: deciding whether your organization is ready to implement robotics, determining where to start, and, most importantly, defining your goals for automation. Before you begin gathering requirements, make sure all the stakeholders in your organization have an answer to the following questions.

  • Has your organization reached a consensus on its main objective for automation?
  • Do you have a specific application in mind?
  • Do you understand your current process(es)?
  • Do you know which features you require in a robot?
  • Have you determined a timeframe for when you need your system built?
  • Is the project properly funded, and have you secured executive buy-in?

When you’ve confirmed your organizational readiness and goals, you are ready for the next steps in your robotic transformation. Let us help you get started.