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Teller Capture Pays at CB&S Bank

EpsonSeptember 22, 2021

Read this case study to learn why CB&S Bank chose Epson OmniLink TM-T70II-DT intelligent printers and TM-S2000 multifunction scanners for a pilot at its Russellville headquarters branch, then soon after installed them at 250 teller windows across their branches.


Name: CB&S Bank
Headquarters: Russellville, AL
Founded: 1906


With cumbersome manual teller operations, CB&S Bank looked to streamline teller processes and slash transaction times across its branches.


Adopt Atris Technology’s FlexTeller 21 software with Epson OmniLink® TM-T70II-DT intelligent printers and TM-S2000 scanners for fast, automated teller transactions that are integrated with the bank’s core system and thin client architecture.

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