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Use These Tips to Create the Perfect Movie Night At Home

EpsonJune 11, 2020

Are you serious about cinema? Take your home movie night to the next level with these fun ideas.

Pick a great movie

Whether you’re a comedy fan, horror freak, or more for period dramas, the trick is picking something quality – and something everyone agrees on. Is this a date night in? Family time? Solo viewing? Keep a list of flicks you want to see and create the time and space to make it happen. Check out IMDB’s list of Top 100 Greatest Movies of All Time, or these family-friendly options from Rotten Tomatoes for some inspiration. Just make sure to keep track of who chose last so that everyone ends up getting a turn.

Bonus Idea: Many of our projectors are compatible with streaming sticks, making it easier than ever to watch your favorite channels and platforms with stunning image size and quality.

Grab a snack

Forget paying crazy prices for movie theater food. At home, you can eat that tuna melt while you watch and nobody’s going to stop you. Or, make it fun and set up your own personal concession stand with fresh popcorn and your favorite candy or cut-up fruit and nuts.

Some movie theaters may have bars these days, but none cater to your tastes like your own stash. If you’re feeling fancy, pour out some sparkling cider or mix up some mocktails for the kids. Or maybe it’s the kind of movie that calls for hot cocoa with marshmallows. You know what you like, so stock up on FreshDirect or order from Seamless, Grubhub or directly from your favorite restaurant.

Bonus Idea: If you’re watching a foreign film, why not try rustling up some location-specific treats?

Set the scene

Whether you’re curled up in bed or prepping a viewing party in the living room, it’s good to set the scene before hitting the play button. You can always press pause, but why not ready what you need to have it at hand? Food and drink, sure, but maybe a box of tissues as well, depending on the flick. And while these days movie theaters may have improved their seating, what’s better than the trusty recliner, corner spot on the sofa, or being propped up by your favorite pillow? Best of all, home movie night means no one’s judging you if you’re in your PJs or wrapped in your Snuggie.

Bonus Idea: If you want to dress up as your favorite characters or like you’re going to a fancy premiere – that’s welcome, too!

Dim the lights

Our projectors work in any kind of lighting, but a darkened room really sets the mood for movie night. Bright lighting can distract from the experience, but a few candles burning in the corner or a string of little lights could be just the right touch. And for those who want to go a step further, there’s Movie Night from Eve, which lets users set their own customized lighting ambience with just a few taps of their smartphone.

Bonus Idea: Another fun way to make movie night truly sensational? Try lighting some incense or a scented candle to add to the atmosphere.

Use a projector

If you’re still watching movies on your laptop, you’re doing it wrong. Without a large screen on which to watch the story unfold, you lose the most essential part of the art. But for the ultimate at-home movie experience, nothing really beats a projector. And while a special screen is nice to have, the beauty of laser projection means it’s not required. So, suddenly, an incredibly bright and colorful picture can get as large as your living room wall – or as big as your bedroom ceiling.

Bonus Idea: If you have some outdoor space, try projecting onto the side of your house, fence or other surface in warmer months for a whole new viewing experience.

Turn up the volume

Last, but far from least: don’t forget about sound quality. Strong audio is an essential part of the viewing experience, and any movie nerd knows that surround sound is hard to beat – but it’s not always feasible at home. The stylish EF-100 Mini-Laser Streaming Projector has an integrated high-quality bass-reflex speaker – as well as Bluetooth wireless speaker support – for an optimal audiophile performance.

Bonus Idea: Try one of these apps to set up a remote watch party with friends or family so you can chat during the movie via video, or messaging if you don’t want to interrupt the audio.