4 Signs Your School Can Use a New Printing Solution

EpsonOctober 12, 2022

From readings and assignments to classroom posters, extracurricular handouts, and more, schools, universities, and other educational institutions have a seemingly endless variety of printing needs. And without reliable, state-of-the-art machinery that can help create clear, engaging pages and help schools run smoothly, teachers, students, and administration all could be facing unnecessary setbacks and struggles.

School districts are learning to stay agile so they can nimbly pivot on short notice between in-person learning, virtual classes, and a hybrid learning model. Keeping students engaged, on course, and actively learning is more challenging than ever, which is why it’s important to be able to print course booklets, learning packets, flyers, and more — quickly, cost efficiently, and with easy flexibility.

Read on to discover how Epson helps make it possible, and why your school can use a printing solution like the WorkForce® Enterprise:

1. Black and white copies can make for bored students

It’s no secret that color is an important tool in fields like marketing, where different hues are used to communicate certain meanings and emotions in advertisements, branding, and beyond. But color can be just as effective when used in the classroom, and with Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology™, inkjet color printing is fast, high quality, and affordable.

Experts have found that color documents, as opposed to those printed in black and white, can help boost focus, interest, and memory. They also improve productivity and effective communication, leading to an increase of 78% in learning and retention and 82% in attention span and recall. Additionally, academic observations reveal that certain colors stimulate specific reactions: heightened energy and attention from red, for instance, and deeper creativity and calm from blue.

Epson Ideas: For younger students, the intentional use of colors in the classroom, activities, and handouts is especially important for learning and development. “Make an effort to display art from different artists in your classroom,” suggests early childhood expert Dr. Pam Schiller. “The artwork you choose can lead to discussions about why the artists chose certain colors and how they used colors to create emotional reactions to their work.”

2. The need for a fast, efficient centralized printing solution

While laptops, tablets, and other digital devices are more commonplace in today’s classrooms, printed paper documents will always be an important part of learning, from preschool all the way to higher education. An easy-to-use centralized printing solution like the Epson WorkForce Enterprise can help open the door to an array of materials that are simple to personalize and print on the fly.

Teachers can focus on more important tasks while the Epson WorkForce Enterprise prints up to 100 pages-per-minute1 of valuable readings, assignments, and other learning materials for in-class study time or for logging into school from home. So whether educators need to put together stacks of curriculum packets and syllabi at the start of the semester, weekly readings, or one-off handouts, games, posters, or other activities, Epson WorkForce Enterprise can help along the way.

Epson Ideas: The Epson WorkForce Enterprise can print posters, calendars, and other documents up to 11”x17” in size so that educators can make the most of standard learning materials — personalized per student when needed — as well as printable resources that enhance the classroom and display lessons on the wall.

3. Maintenance and outsourcing are getting pricey

Lately schools have needed more support than usual to keep up with pandemic-related adjustments. And while more support is needed, many educational institutions across the country are also looking for ways to cut costs.

Printing on-site with an Epson WorkForce Enterprise multi-function printer can be a great place to start. Thanks to fewer parts, high-yield consumables, and a 5,350-sheet paper capacity when fully configured, our machines require few service calls and less maintenance or intervention. And with such a powerful printer right on-premises, there’s less need for external vendors — so you can quickly print and schedule jobs when you need them.

Epson Ideas: Whether learning is in-person or remote, schools have enormous printing demands — and with some students still attending class from home, teachers may be printing even more than usual. Epson machines are built to help keep up with educational needs, from in-class study sheets and homework handouts to administrative documents like booklets, flyers, announcements, and banners.

4. Schools can help save energy for sustainability goals

With a small footprint, Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise printer delivers a superior printing experience without eating up valuable space, funds, and resources. Minimal maintenance parts and high-yield ink cartridges mean our machines can help reduce waste and require less attention. And with PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, WorkForce Enterprise printers have the lowest power consumption in their class.2

Wide media flexibility means you can be ready to print the types of jobs that a busy school generates, from single-sheet learning materials, tests, and newsletters to course booklets, learning packets, forms, and more.

The affordable and easy-to-use Workforce Enterprise MFP printer can help provide a more efficient and effective learning experience. See how it can make a difference at



1Black and color print speeds are measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity. For more information, visit

2 Compared to similarly featured A3 color laser printers and copiers at 45 ppm or higher based on industry available data as of December 2020. Actual power savings will vary by product model and usage.