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7 Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Business with Automation

Business MattersJune 20, 2022

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your business more effective and increase productivity, you may have heard of the wonders of automation.

But what is automation? Why should you implement it, and how can you use it to automate your real estate work?

In simple terms, automation is a method of eliminating human labor and allowing your tools to perform more tasks for you. This could be accomplished through emailing sequences, automated notifications and assignments for your team, or convenient real estate app integration.

Continue reading below for five ways to boost your real estate business with automation.

1. Property Management

First up, we have property management software (PMS). This can also be built into your already existing real estate CRM if you have one, so make sure you’re using the property management capabilities since this could potentially be a no-cost upgrade for your real estate business.

The best property management software lets you add your properties to automate tasks, track closings, and manage deadlines, so nothing gets missed. Now you can focus on where you’re truly needed rather than mundane tasks.

2. Opportunity Tracking

Your most valuable leads are opportunities — people who are aware that your company exists and who you know are in the market. You can keep a tight watch on these leads by using automation.

Deal stages can be used in many CRMs to track an opportunity’s progress through the usual phases of your pipeline, such as from a request for a callback to a contract sent to closed-won.

3. Email Workflows Based Triggered by the Buying Process

You’ll need to contact clients at critical points during the buyer’s journey. When leads request a showing, sign a contract, or download content from your website, use email workflows to send automated responses. One of the most successful ways to obtain results from automation is through real estate follow-up emails.

4. Follow-Up with Old Leads

Look at the strongest leads you already have: your past clients. They may seem like stale leads, but they could have the most promise.

Create automatic email workflows to contact past clients at predetermined periods (for example, on their home buying anniversary or holidays). For a more personal touch, you may deliver engagement initiatives via SMS or even voicemails.

5. Website Forms for Lead Generation

You can create an automatic marketing engine that gathers potential leads while you sleep by linking landing pages and website forms to your CRM. This doesn’t have to be complicated; a callback request form or even a simple contact form will suffice.

This way, you get the information you need, and potential clients get some confirmation between office hours.

6. Finding Available Agents

Make managing your team easier by synchronising your calendar with your real estate software to get the most up-to-date view of your agents’ availability. Setting up meetings and assigning agents will be much easier when you have a complete picture of your team’s availability and planned events.

7. Performance, Analytics, and Engagement

The performance of your team is essential to you as a manager. You can also acquire a quick snapshot of critical stats and discover who can benefit from more coaching using a solution that generates automated reports and dashboards.

Automate Your Business

Because automation is supposed to save you time, don’t let it add to your workload. When it comes to real estate, time is money. Realtors can use automation to become more effective and structured in their day-to-day operations, giving them the needed support to focus more on generating leads and completing sales.

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