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Digital Label Press Technology: Taking the Risk Out of the Digital Decision

PCquest.comMay 3, 2023

Labeling and printing have significantly evolved over the years. Something that was merely considered an additional protective layer for products has now transformed into an essential marketing tool displaying product USP and has an impressive potential to drive sales, ultimately. Not only this, but brands are now looking at these elements from a fresh angle, which goes far beyond just displaying brand details. For leaders, packaging has, in fact, become a platform to advertise the brand values and deliver a unique experience to the end consumers. Thanks to digital label and print technologies!

Why digital labeling and printing?

Digital presses and printers are designed for several benefits such as better print quality, color control, registration consistency, and sustainability features, unlike its conventional counterpart, which is tedious and time-consuming due to the involvement of manual processes like plate making, making ready color and other such factors. Similarly, digital tools and devices come equipped with unique features that can make packaging stand apart in the market. After all, various consumers have a practice of buying a product because they find the packet attractive or sometimes even feel emotionally connected to it. When it comes to pricing, digital printing is catching up with traditional offset for the short-run requirements while also providing the benefits on inventory, write-offs, design revisions, leakage, variable data printing, support for track and trace labels etc. Digital printing, on the other hand, follows a just-in-time approach, making it not only sustainable but also equally effective.





Tapping into the new-age consumer psyche

Constant technology evolution has made consumers more aware of what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s happening across the world — in general. For instance, modern consumers won’t have any double thoughts before spending extra bucks on a product that is synced with a global cause or something that is trending at the moment. An interesting example would be Dettol, which released millions of labels with multiple protector stories within two weeks during the pandemic. This initiative by the leading health and hygiene brand gained immense traction with consumers deeply connecting with it, hence boosting the sales of Dettol products. Other players can follow suit and promote their values through such innovative packaging strategies. Slowly but surely, these advanced labels and print machines are likely to become mainstream in the market, with more and more manufacturers and vendors coming out with evolved technologies. With the advent of new-age elements that enhance the overall label and print processes in terms of digital design, artwork, color management, front-end technology, along with the usage of more sophisticated finishing machines and hybrid presses, it is clear that the traditional label and print ecosystem is rapidly moving towards a new digital-first dawn.

Summing up

Considering the aforementioned advancements, digital printing seems to be rapidly changing the face of the conventional label and print machines by making them more user-friendly and seamless. As the existing technologies evolve, digital printing will become more powerful and provide both businesses and consumers with unmatched solutions like never before. Welcome to the ever-advancing digital era of printing, where the world will transform into a better, smarter, and more innovative business avenue.



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