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Infographic: Five Ways mPOS Can Change Your Retail Business in 2020

EpsonMarch 14, 2019

For brands hoping to maintain sales in brick-and-mortar retail locations, staying on top of in-store technology is key. Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices and solutions are changing the way retailers interact with customers. They not only expedite and simplify transactions—they enable brands to enrich the in-store experience with better customer service overall. 

From personalized upsell opportunities to mobile payment options, reduced checkout lines to improved employee satisfaction, the benefits of implementing mPOS in your stores are clear. If you’re considering adopting new store technology, it’s the way to go.

See just a few of the key ways mPOS can elevate your brand and transform the shopping experience.

5 Ways POS-epson-mpos-Nov Update with annotations_version_1.gif

Start the discussion about evolving your in-store technology today: Download the infographic here to share with your team.