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How Digital Varnish Can Help Label Converters Win Business

EpsonDecember 10, 2021

Labels can have a profound influence on purchase decisions.

In many cases, labels represent the first interaction a customer has with a brand. When labels are well designed and made with high-end materials, the product pops off the shelf, catching consumers’ attention as they browse jam-packed aisles.

On the flipside, boring labels can cause consumers to ignore products entirely.

In an age where categories like craft beers, wines, cannabis products, and cosmetics are filled with more products than ever before, it comes as no surprise that the market for packaging and labeling services is projected to climb significantly.

Label converters seeking to make the most out of this growing market segment need to do everything they can to produce the highest-quality labels possible.

One way to do that is with Digital Varnish, a clear ink developed by Epson that enables label converters to apply spot varnish with a digital press.

Using Digital Varnish, white ink, and a metallic substrate, it’s possible to produce simulated metallic foils of almost any color — which can be difficult to achieve using traditional foil stamping methods.

You can also create tactical finishes with raised surfaces using Digital Varnish in conjunction with registration functionality.

4 Reasons to Add Digital Varnish

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at four distinct benefits your organization can expect to experience by adding Digital Varnish to your portfolio.

1. Competitive advantage

Product designers and CPG companies no doubt understand the impact labels have on sales. To this end, they’re always looking for a converter capable of producing the best labels.

By investing in Digital Varnish, you’re able to drive competitive advantage by helping your customers stay on the leading edge of label innovation — and offering what your competitors may not be able to offer if they haven’t made the same investment.

2. Grow your business

Because Digital Varnish can differentiate your business from the competition, it can also help you expand your relationships with existing customers while also attracting new ones.

3. Increase your productivity

Digital Varnish enables you to produce spot varnish with multiple finishes from one clear ink and one printhead during a single print operation. The Digital Varnish printhead is inline and immediately follows the colored ink printheads used to print the labels. You can also put matte and gloss finishes on the same label.

The process of using Digital Varnish means you can spend less time setting up jobs so you can print high-quality labels fast.

4. Bolster your bottom line

Analog spot varnish requires plates, registration adjustments, and a skilled team to oversee the process. Digital Varnish, on the other hand, can be applied concurrently with white and CMYK ink. What’s more, there aren’t any plate costs to pass on to customers, and registration is controlled automatically.

Add it all up, and Digital Varnish can help you achieve better margins — helping to bolster your bottom line because of it.

Set your label converter business apart from the pack!

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