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How mPOS Will Impact the Layout of Your Store

EpsonDecember 11, 2018

Mobile technology has changed how we work, providing all types of businesses with newfound freedom and options. Is it time to cut the cord on your cash register? Moving to mPOS solutions means a stationary checkout station is no longer needed. Currently, 68% of stores that have mobile registers also have traditional POS systems, while 32% of stores have moved exclusively to mPOS, according to Capterra.

If you’ve adopted mPOS and are thinking of getting rid of your checkout station or at least reducing its importance, it’s time to reimagine what a store looks like in today’s omnichannel retail world. Maximize the benefits of your mPOS investment by modifying your store layout. Doing so can create several opportunities to improve your customer experience as well as the efficiency and usage of your space.

Reclaim floor space

If you’re not ready to get rid of your POS altogether, start by lessening its footprint in your store. Of the stores currently using mPOS, 43% had downsized their cash wrap areas, and 18% reported that they planned to downsize within the next year, according to Capterra. Set up a station that includes only what you need to complete a sale, such as mPOS or POS equipment, a printer, bags, and a cash drawer.

Whether you make your checkout smaller or eliminate it completely, reclaim that space to maximize the value and sales-per-square-foot of your sales floor. Freed-up counter space can display small products that compliment your main offerings. Reclaimed floor space can hold new product displays, or if your business offers a service, such as yoga, it can allow you to serve more customers by expanding your studio.

Make a plan for printers

While mPOS devices allow you to offer customers a digital receipt, some customers may prefer a printed receipt. Not everyone wants to provide an email address, especially if they’re concerned that it will be used for marketing purposes. By having mobile receipt printers you can offer customers on-the-spot options, ensuring the best customer service. 

Think about charging stations

Your mPOS devices will need to be recharged, so think about the best place to locate the charging stations. Small and unobtrusive, the stations also provide a good place to store devices when not in use so they aren’t lost. Place them in a convenient area where your employees can access them as they enter or leave the sales floor, such as the entrance to the backroom or inside your break room. Having charging stations in a spot where your employees frequent will also serve as a subtle reminder to plug them in at the end of their shift.

Retail trends are always changing, and that can impact the layout needs of your store. Adopting mPOS provides you with the freedom to redesign your store whenever you wish without the high cost and inconvenience of moving and rewiring stationary POS fixtures. Reimagine your sales floor to give it a fresh new look. Add new displays or remove them to free up space. Reconfigure your traffic pattern during your high-sales season. When you maximize your selling floor, you provide the best possible customer experience while fostering seamless transactions. 

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