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Importance of Custom Labels for Handcrafted Products

TechBullionDecember 23, 2022

The market for handcrafted goods is growing, but there is also a lot of competition. Etsy alone has around 1.9 million active sellers in its marketplace, so it’s critical to do all possible to ensure that your items stand out from the crowd. Investing in personalized sticker labels for your items is one technique to do this.

Custom labels can help give your items an advantage over those of other sellers both before you sell them and after your consumer receives their purchase, whether you are selling jewelry, handcrafted goods, or beauty supplies. Use stickers on boxes as an introduction to what’s inside; this ensures there’s no confusion about what customers will find when they open their package.

Here’s a brief review of some of the benefits of using high-quality personalized sticker labels on your items.

Personalized Labels Impress Customers

Custom labels can make an excellent first impression on a customer. Whether you’re trying to attract the attention of children, young adults, or Baby Boomers, an eye-catching label with your branding is an easy way to catch their attention and inform them about your products or services. 

Most of the sellers of handcrafted products use plain boxes to deliver the stuff to customers, but you can take advantage of this situation by using personalized sticker labels and premium packaging to drive more sales. According to the Shopify survey, 52 percent of consumers will likely make repeat purchases from an online merchant that provides premium packaging. While you may need more time to be ready to create custom shipping containers, a good label can help your handcrafted products stand out.

A Way of Information and Communication

Labels are more than just a place to display your logo. They also give you a chance to include important information. If you’re making homemade products, the label can consist of important information like the product’s name, weight, and material. A personalized label can also help you connect with a buyer. A space for the buyer’s name can combine personalization and professionalism. These are the kinds of details that your customers will remember, which will help them become repeat customers in the future.

Source of Traffic 

You can drive tons of traffic to your website or store through custom sticker labels if you sell craft products on your website or through selling platforms like Etsy or eBay. In this regard, you can easily print your website address on your custom stickers. Offering a prize for signing up for your newsletter is one way to drive customers to your site. This will increase the number of visitors to your site and generate a mailing list from which you can send information about new products.



Get Your Brand Recognized

A brand is extremely valuable. As your company grows, you want consumers to recognize you by the name of your company. Your brand provides your company with an identity. It tells your narrative and helps clients remember you in the future. Consistent labeling boosts your business’s image, making it a recognizable symbol. 

Most businesses think that their business logo is everything when it comes to branding, but in reality, branding means so much more. Through circle stickers, you can take your branding to the next level by including your business story to impress the buyers so they can develop an intimate relationship with your brand. 

For decades, brands have used unique stickers to help them develop fan groups, and you can do the same. Bumper stickers and anything else your followers may use to tell the world why they love your brand or organization. 


Using personalized labels or stickers for advertising and branding your handcrafted products can provide several benefits. It contributes to increased brand recognition and visibility. Remember, choose durable colors and print them on long-lasting materials if you want your stickers to stand out. 

These should be waterproof and will stick in varying weather conditions, which makes them perfect to be applied to containers, bags, pallets, or wherever you need to label your product, and they won’t smudge or bleed under most outdoor conditions.



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