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Reimagining Retail Holiday Displays with Digital Signage

Digital Signage Today. News FeaturesDecember 10, 2021

As we gear up for winter, there are still no clear signs that point to how our second holiday season of the pandemic will function. Regulations are changing and certainty is a comfort that we lack in this moment. As marketers and business owners begin to plan out their holiday efforts, it’s a good time to look at how we can leverage AV technology to make the holiday rush safe and engaging.

Digital signage has played a crucial role the past 12 months helping keep us safe and excited in retail environments. We’ve seen how projector technology can adapt to ever-changing safety regulations and provide information quickly, while simultaneously promoting relevant and timely marketing communications. We’ve also seen the growth of online sales and the efforts set in place to aid the promotion of brick-and-mortar stores through cross promotion and partnership marketing.

The key to success as we cross into this next season is enticing people back into stores with unique and memorable retail activations and brand experiences. Keeping procedures on-brand and budget friendly can be quite the holiday hassle. To alleviate some of that stress, let’s dive into a few ways signage can elevate and advocate for retail holiday experiences.

Personalize interactive, touchless displays

It’s time to pull customers back in, and what better way to succeed than with a touch of personalization. Interactive technology isn’t a new development, but the use cases grow by the minute as more retailers adopt creative ways to engage with the public. Projection can be used in a myriad of ways to elevate in-store installations with a little personalization and interactivity.

Store fronts have always been a significant marketing opportunity for the winter holidays, and projection technology has grown with the development of commercial displays to create fantastical installations for visitors to enjoy. Projection technology can be used to trigger animations when products are touched or moved, or even pulled into relevant displays.

Show off family friendly experiences by combining real-time face capture and projection mapping to pull faces and imagery directly into holiday displays. Upgrade traditional cutout signage and let customers see themselves as famous holiday characters with the power of projection. Creating opportunities to interact without involving any necessary requirements is sure to pull customers into retail spaces.

Display timely messaging

One of the strongest advantages projection technology has over traditional signage is its flexibility. The technology for wireless connectivity has evolved to a point where managers can now change their displays and set display playlists all from a mobile device. Retailers can update rotating displays and create helpful signage for customers that can easily adapt to a store’s changing needs.

Wayfinding signage can help customers easily navigate retail environments and stay socially distanced; however, digital signage can also be used to display timely store messaging. Important store updates and marketing opportunities – such as flash sales, open hours and high-demand product availability – can be easily changed and updated to create a visible sense of urgency.

Create one-of-a-kind experiences

Temporary pop-up experiences are at the height of social media marketing right now. With ‘Instagrammable’ content becoming a tactic that more and more marketers are pushing, creating retail entertainment opportunities is a strong base for pulling customers into store fronts. Photo opportunities are now shifting focus toward social media content opportunities, such as the Pink Wall at Paul Smith in Los Angeles or the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. Both implement the promise of a good picture to grab the attention of potential customers.

Projector displays are perfect for these “retailtainment” opportunities. With easy installation tools and flexible display options, setting up and creating a brand focused pop-up or display can be done quickly and professionally. Combining projection mapping with digital signage focused projectors can open the door for more complex displays. Turn false windows into a looking glass to a holiday workshop or show off your capabilities with walls of snow and ice that activate with LiDAR sensors. Light up your store front with holiday themed lights using projectors to show off your cheer for the season without the hassle or hazard of string lights.

Projection technology is ready to elevate retail experiences, and these tools can help make the holiday season a little brighter. Invest in an AV setup to wow your audience and pull the public back into the physical store.

Holidays are all about togetherness, and as the pandemic continues to throw uncertainty at retailers and customers, projection technology can help us come back into these spaces together.



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