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Two Helpful Keys to Know When Researching a POS System

EpsonAugust 30, 2017

If you’ve decided to make the move to a tablet POS solution for your restaurant or retail business, you’ve already made one smart choice. A modern mobile POS system can help you increase efficiency, reduce wait times, and delight your customers.

But did you know that over the past few years, quite a few companies have introduced specialized POS systems? In the growing field of POS for small business, you’ll find a range of competing solutions, only a few of which will be right for your unique situation.

Here are two factors you may want to consider when searching for the ideal tablet POS system for your small business.

Many providers offer industry-specific POS solutions

You’ve probably seen generic POS hardware at restaurants and retail stores: those small devices that scan your credit card, let you enter your PIN, and so on. What you might not know, though, is that quite a few companies develop POS hardware and software targeted at specific industries and sectors.

For example, some POS software targeted at the retail sector includes built-in upselling features, along with tools for automating customer marketing campaigns and proactively controlling inventory shrinkage. Some systems for alcohol and tobacco stores have built-in age verification, while many restaurant POS systems offer interfaces that allow customers to place their own orders.

Your business is unique, so make sure you chose an mPOS solution that’s designed for the way you work. Generic software isn’t likely to solve your problems, and although a specialized system may cost a little more up front, it’ll quickly pay for itself.

The best POS partners will give you more than just hardware

An experienced POS solution provider will do a lot more than just sell you hardware and bid you a fond farewell. They’ll stick by your side as you as you face technical hurdles, and they’ll suggest improvements and work on an ongoing basis to future-proof your system. They’ll also be able to recommend software that solves problems specific to your industry and walk you through the process of upgrading that software on your existing system.

To make sure you’ll be getting this kind of lifetime value out of the tablet POS system you purchase, ask other business owners in your social circle which POS system they use. Ask, specifically, how much ongoing support they get from their provider. And when you’re putting together a list of features you need, focus not just on hardware like credit card readers, barcode scanners, and signature pads but also on software specific to your industry and long-term assistance. Take time to build a relationship with a supplier you can trust, and you’ll reap the dividends for a long time to come.

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