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Ways to Make Your Product Packaging More Effective for Your Brand

Clemson University / The TigerSeptember 1, 2022

We have heard for decades to not judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you just can’t help it and get attracted to the product that is more appealing than the product that offers various qualities; this doesn’t mean that the brand with excellent packaging is selling low-quality products. It’s just that packaging can attract customers and influence their purchase decision.

Product packaging wasn’t considered much important back in the days, but now, every business has focused on product packaging since the day its importance came to light. Customizing your product packaging can give you an edge over your competitors and can help you lure customers to your brand, but sometimes brands that don’t do complete research on the customization of the packaging often end up in a mess.

Perhaps the cost of the packaging is high, or maybe your packaging isn’t attracting the customers even after you put hours behind that customization. There are many ways through which you can make your product packaging more effective, and we will talk about those ways in today’s blog. So, let’s check out more details!

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Know Your Targeted Audience

The first thing you need to work on is studying your targeted audience and their preferences in the market. If you don’t know your targeted audience, then you are going to choke hard in the business because if you don’t know about your audience, you know nothing about your business. Creating a product, logo, brand name, and a team isn’t the only thing needed for building a successful business.

While customizing the product packaging, you should keep your audience in mind. If you are dealing in a product that is for young kids, then you can’t go with a packaging that is elegant, decent, or luxurious because young kids like colors and funny designs on their products and their packaging. On the other hand, you can’t go with funky colors and designs if your product targets adults or older people.

Test Multiple Designs

The biggest reason why the cost of your packaging is high is because of packaging that isn’t giving you your desired results. It is simple, you keep on ordering the product packaging but can’t sell the product, and then you are left with hundreds or thousands of boxes with no place to store them, and ultimately, they rot.

Trying out multiple packaging designs can help you decide what packaging works better for your product and your targeted audience. You will be spending money either way, so it is better to spend money on testing multiple packaging than to keep splashing money on the packaging that isn’t working. If you are tight on budget, you can always go for packaging boxes wholesale because they are reasonably priced but can do the necessary work for you.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

No matter what industry or niche you enter, you will always have competitors waiting to get the better of your brand. You can’t name an industry that isn’t fierce at the moment because during COVID, people lost their jobs, and everyone tried to do some sort of business which resulted in completion in the market.

Let’s face the truth; you only got seconds to grab customers’ attention because they have thousands of options to choose from. This is why you need to have an eye on your competitors while not losing focus on your brand. Keep an eye on what they are doing right and take inspiration from it, but most importantly, look at what they are doing right and then correct those mistakes to be a step ahead of your competitors. Always try to stand out from the rest by having a unique product packaging.

Insights Action and Emotion

The design of the product packaging should be so wonderful that customers should instantly buy the product after they take a look at the packaging. If you customize the packaging and come up with an utterly amazing design, the packaging will invoke desired emotions within customers’ hearts or perhaps hunger in their hearts to buy the product.

Elegant colors, images, and smooth textures will keep them coming back for more of your product, and if you market the product in the right manner, your business will blow up quicker than you expected.

Originality and Creativity

Customers love a brand that stays true to its values and doesn’t let the trends shift their focus on different product packaging ideas. Customers would fall in love with your brand if your brand values and product packaging speaks the same language, but they can be disappointed if they see two different languages in your packaging and brand values.

On the other hand, customers also don’t want you to stay firm in your brand values and never get creative in product packaging. Product packaging is of great importance in today’s businesses; if you stay rooted in your brand values, you will be left behind in the race because when your competitors are getting creative, you are sitting there with your old brand values that don’t work anymore. You can always get creative in packaging while staying true to your values; it’s all about finding that perfect balance.

Quality Matters

One thing that matters more than the quantity is the quality itself, whether it is in life or your product packaging. Customers can compromise on the quantity, but they will never compromise on the quality of the product and its packaging. Tell me, have you ever seen a Rolex being sold in a plastic bag? No, right?

Just like that, you can’t pack your product in packaging that isn’t capable of protecting your precious product of yours. You need to deliver a message in the market that you are all about quality. Another thing you can do to make the packaging more effective is by using eco-friendly materials like cardboard or kraft paper for the manufacturing of your product boxes. And this is a wrap!




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