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Take Control of Your In-Store Signage: How to Create More Effective Signage In-House

EpsonMarch 29, 2018

Retailers know that in-store signage is a proven business tactic towards greater profits. As brick-and-mortar stores face competition from online and mobile retailing, retail outlets of all sizes are reconfiguring their in-store signage into a new driving force for profit.

Research shows that about 80 percent of shoppers make purchase decisions while physically in the store, highlighting the growing importance of winning customers at the point of purchase. Signage works best in retail settings that embrace the shopper’s in-store experience, calling attention to sales and specials, and sharing information. Retailers can entice customers with large and bright images, bond with them on a more personal level, crosspromote products in different parts of the store, reinforce a store’s image with colors and logos, and quickly lead the way.

As in-store signage evolves, retailers are considering new ways beyond outsourcing to create their signage. New wide-format printing technologies are making it easier and less expensive to create high-quality, colorful signage at the store level.

This paper aims to:

  1. Recap trends that are now happening in the world of retail signage and why it’s so important for retailers to rethink how they create their in-store signage – whether part of a large or medium sized regional chain, store, or independent shop.
  2. Explain ways that retailers produce their in-store signage and the challenges they face, such as the pros and cons of 3rd party outsourcing versus in-house printing.
  3. Show how large-format in-store printing is a pathway for retailers to meet the challenges of in-store signage and take control of the whole process for immediate, personalized, and cost-effective signage.

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