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Labeling for Specialized, Niche, and Local Customer Marketing

EpsonMarch 29, 2018

The overall marketing trend in the consumer goods industry is shifting toward greater segmentation—promoting to specialized, niche, and local markets. Even large manufacturers have realized that segmentation is rapidly gaining momentum and are  finding success by targeting specific audiences rather than relying on their traditional, one-size-fits-all approach.

Targeted messaging resonates with consumers. And enterprises in the specialty consumer goods industry can take advantage of the market opportunities made possible by segmentation by printing product labels on demand. In-house labeling gives companies the  flexibility to respond quickly to consumer demand, market conditions and other business challenges. It enables them to label new package SKUs and easily make changes to labels for existing products while freeing themselves from the many constraints of using other labeling solutions, including long lead times and minimum order quantities (MOQ) of labels. With in-house labeling, companies are masters of their own packaging, printing only the labels they require. Armed with greater creative control, they can also produce appealing, high quality labels.

This white paper will:

  1. Examine segmentation in the specialty consumer goods industry 
  2. Provide a brief overview of on-demand labeling 
  3. Assess the business impacts of in-house labeling 
  4. Explore the new technology of affordable inkjet label printers

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