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Projectors Brighten Worship – Illuminating the AV Needs for Your Service

EpsonMarch 28, 2018

Houses of worship are increasingly adopting multimedia content to better engage, inspire, and motivate their congregations. Although the use of video, music, and an immersive experience using technology in worship facilities is a recent phenomenon, history shows that there has been a steady evolution in the rise of dynamic content and greater congregation participation to enhance spirituality. The most prevalent and cost-effective delivery of inspirational media today is through the use of multimedia, most often connected to projectors, sound systems, computers, and software. While large congregations have been on the forefront of using projector technology and media to inspire its members, with the latest projector technology, small to medium-sized churches now can afford to enhance services with multimedia as well. Whether purchasing projectors for the first time, or replacing aging equipment, houses of worship should choose technology that is proven, cost-effective, and easy to integrate into their spiritual services. 

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