7 Ways Digital Signage Can Elevate the Entertainment Experience

EpsonApril 5, 2021

Digital signage is a rapidly growing medium that enables businesses to capture and keep audiences’ attention. In a world increasingly oversaturated with advertising, digital signage can improve the guest experience, boost sales, help supplement revenues, and even reinvent physical spaces. Here are 7 key ways digital signage can improve customer engagement in the entertainment industry

1. Make standing in line an engaging experience

Digital signage transforms the tedium of standing in line or lingering in the lobby into an engaging infotainment experience. Engaging with digital signage while waiting can lift guests’ moods and can even make them feel like the line goes faster; studies show that digital signage reduces a customer’s perceived wait time by up to 35 percent.1

2. Display more relevant messaging

To remain competitive, entertainment venues have to shift their messaging from a “one size fits all” approach to a strategy that speaks to guests’ needs and desires. Interactive digital signage enables venues to display targeted advertising information that can increase ROI.

3. Free up staff to use their time more effectively

Digital signage isn’t only useful and engaging to customers; it also helps staff by offloading the responsibility of fielding repetitive questions and requests for assistance. With menu boards, event details, showtimes, and frequently asked questions on digital signage throughout the venue, employees have the freedom to dedicate their time to more productive tasks.

4. Gather quantitative consumer data

When guests can provide instant feedback, you get much more accurate information about what they like and which products and services are the most desirable. Digital signage enables entertainment venues to use content that features hashtags and URLs that feed KPIs and other useful analytics.

5. Communicate the right things at the right time

One of the main attractions of digital signage is the ability to exercise more creative control over your advertising. Reactive, data-triggered signage lets you update at a moment’s notice, so you can contextualize your messaging to suit unique events, the weather, the season, and more. After all, it’s important to advertise what you want to sell be able to be able to inform your customers at the most relevant moment. when customers want to buy it.

6. Earn extra revenue

Digital signage can offer entertainment venues an alternative revenue stream by giving them the option of renting out advertising space to affiliates and other businesses, providing a direct source of supplemental income.

7. Stand out from the crowd

Because digital signage is still less familiar than other forms of advertising, like posters and flyers, it’s more likely to catch a customer’s eye and lead them to take action.




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