Unleash Learning and Creativity, Not Your Budget

EpsonEpsonMarch 19, 2021

I’ll bet a day doesn’t go by where you don’t think — probably more than once — about how challenging it is to be an educator right now. School districts are having to stay agile, so they can nimbly pivot on short notice between in-person learning, a virtual approach, and some kind of mix. It’s a constant struggle to keep students engaged, on course, and actively learning.

And while state revenues are falling, schools need even more support to keep up with pandemic-related adjustments. The Learning Policy Institute recently estimated that the combination of increased costs due to dealing with the pandemic and decreased support from cash-strapped states would pile an extra burden of $199 billion to $246 billion in costs on to school districts.1 It’s likely there won’t be a single one among the nation’s 131,000 K-12 schools2  that won’t be looking even harder than ever for ways to cut costs.

Among the costs you’re probably looking at: Printing

Did you know that 10% of a school’s total budget can be spent on printing?3 For years, people have been talking about going paperless — yet the amount of material we print remains interestingly high. Whether the learning is in-person or remote, you still have enormous printing demands, with materials often needing to be turned around quickly to accommodate last-minute adjustments. If you’re having to distribute materials for schooling at home, you may be printing even more than usual.

You and your team are so busy making a difference for your students, you don’t have the time to worry about if your color printer will work, if it needs more ink, if you can pay for it, or if it will slow down your day. You need a printer that will give you all the learning benefits of color without the grief or guilt.

What if you could print at your school without having to choose between affordability and reliability? You can — here’s how.

Here’s your affordable and reliable, highly capable ticket to unleashing learning and creativity

One of the most underestimated learning tools is color printing. Many students prefer to engage with color content over black and white, not only because it draws their attention, but also because that’s what they are used to on their mobile devices. Color facilitates the creative and critical thinking that’s so important for learning, and it can be a game-changer for students with learning disabilities.

Epson Business Inkjet printers are a great choice for just about any size school or district. Why? For starters:

  • Printing is simple and hassle-free. Just format your digital file and hit “Print.”
  • Easy on service. Few maintenance parts can translate into low intervention and labor costs.
  • Quicker turnaround. No need to wait on outsourced printing. Print when you want and adapt quickly to change.

The low-cost way to handle your printing today.

Your staff, educators and even students are working with incredibly lean resources. They need tools that can help them be productive at a low cost. With roughly 60% of instructional materials printed in schools,4 the high-capacity ink supplies and minimal maintenance parts of Epson Business Inkjet printers can result in lower cost, less maintenance and fewer interventions for your staff.

Epson printers bring you the capacity to handle common color printing jobs quickly, efficiently and economically, so you can do everything it takes to run a humming, thriving educational community — and preserve your budget, too.

A portfolio built for high performance, low downtime.

From the WorkForce Enterprise MFPs for fast high-duty cycles to Supertank MFPs for a ridiculous amount of ink — it’s no trouble, the Epson Business Inkjet portfolio will fit right in. These printers and MFPs, powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechonologyTM, offer not just affordable color printing, but also fast first page out with no warmup time, so it starts fast — and finishes fast, too.5

Empower your teachers with the convenience of in-classroom color printing with high-yield ink systems from Epson and make learning Ink-credible.6

Joe Contreras is a Commercial Marketing Executive for Epson Office Solutions.

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