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3 Ways to Get a Better ROI from Your Digital Label Press

EpsonApril 12, 2024

More companies than ever (think pharmaceuticals, cleaning supply makers, and the food and beverage industry) are improving productivity by adding digital printing to their label facilities. But not all digital label presses are created equal — or deliver equal results.

Follow these three tips to maximize your return on investment from your digital label press:

  1. Prioritize reliability. Invest in a press that consistently performs to your color accuracy, registration, and uptime specifications. When you prioritize reliability, you help minimize downtime and ensure you can meet customer demand. For example, the Epson SurePress PrecisionCore® printhead technology provides precise, consistent ink deposition across long print runs.
  2. Seek strong support and service. Even the most reliable equipment needs maintenance and repairs from time to time. Look for a digital press supplier that offers dedicated regional service technicians trained on that specific equipment. In addition to technical expertise, quick response times help minimize downtime. That’s why Epson has trained technicians focused solely on servicing the SurePress line and offers a next-business-day response for all service contracts.*
  3. Understand the technology behind your press. The printheads, inks, and other technologies that are part of a digital press can significantly impact its capabilities and reliability. Converters should research who develops and manufactures these components rather than just sourcing a press built with off-the-shelf technology. The Epson SurePress line uses PrecisionCore printheads and specialized inks Epson designs and produces. This matched system helps improve performance and uptime.

When you’re ready to invest in a digital label press, do your homework on the technology — and the company you’re purchasing from. Prioritizing reliability and comprehensive service support can help ensure your digital printing investment pays dividends for years to come.

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*Product comes with a 1-year limited warranty with the option to purchase extended service plans up to a maximum of 7 years of continuous coverage. Extended service plans can be purchased anytime that you are covered under an Epson limited warranty or Epson extended service plan. Each year of extended coverage can be either Epson Preferred Plus Essential, Epson Preferred Plus Enhanced, or Epson Preferred Plus Elite. Selected plan can vary from year to year.