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5 Reasons Epson Is the Best Choice for POS Printing

EpsonEpsonOctober 3, 2019

In retail, customers are increasingly expecting mobile checkout, and many stores are now using tablets to ring up purchases from the floor to create a more personalized experience. Hotels and travel companies use mobile printers to check guests in while they’re comfortably seated in the lobby instead of standing in a long line at the desk. Many businesses combine multiple types of printers, such as restaurants using mobile checkout—so servers can offer tableside payment—as well as a self-service ordering kiosk for to-go orders.

Your choice of a POS system can have a large impact on your customers’ experience. Selecting the right POS printer is a core part of that decision. Those that don’t work properly or reliably can cause long customer wait times and deliver a first impression that’s less than professional.

Increasingly, customers are expecting businesses to work faster and meet them where they are, and this includes the expectation that companies are using mobile and self-checkout POS systems. With that in mind, now could be the time to re-evaluate your current POS printer.

Many businesses and solution providers turn to Epson when making a decision about POS printers. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been the leader in POS printing for more than two decades.

Here are 5 reasons Epson is the best choice to help your business improve customer experience, reduce costs and future-proof your business:


While many POS printer manufacturers use plastic parts to build their equipment, Epson chooses to use steel components in key areas. Our robust design philosophy contributes to a long life and high reliability. In fact, some Epson sales professionals will joke that the POS printers “last too long”, because customers rarely place replacement orders.

With decades of experience under our belt, our support team is ready to answer questions, help you troubleshoot any issues, or find the most effective process for your workflow

Breadth of products

With Epson, you can choose from a wide selection of devices, enabling you to select the right system to provide the most efficient workflow for your employees and an optimized customer experience. Instead of having to use different vendors, we offer a variety of POS printers and software that can match all your needs. Whether transactions are occurring in-line, online or anywhere else in the store, Epson has solutions for all of your printing needs. For example, a retailer where consumers are engaging with products throughout the store could use a mobile POS system to let them checkout near the products they’re purchasing .

Platform versatility

Few POS printers, especially those at a moderate price point, will work with all POS systems. Epson printers, however, are considered the most versatile in the industry, resulting in compatibility with a wide range of POS system platforms. If you decide to move to a new POS platform, most times your existing Epson printers can move with you. This is what we call “future proofing”, and it’s a core part of our approach to product design. The transition is quick and seamless, investments in new technology are kept to a minimum and you’re up and printing on the new platform with little or no configuration changes.


As POS systems are moving to the customers—instead of customers coming to the counter—connectivity is the key to a positive customer experience. With limited connectivity options, your customers may have a frustrating shopping experience and, in retail stores, may even walk out without making a purchase. With Epson POS printers, you have many ways to connect—serial, parallel, USB or Bluetooth—to name a few. No other printer vendor gives you as many choices for connectivity.


Your customer and business needs are unique. While Epson has designed a broad range of capabilities and configurations to meet those needs, we also understand that there are times when something extra needs to be done in order to meet a specialized requirement, process or system. This is where we’re set apart from the competition. We have a team of in-house experts that can take the knowledge and experience they gained customizing solutions for the world’s top 25 retailers to create a flexible setup that meets your specific needs.

Your decision about which POS system to use affects your business both today and tomorrow. We build our solutions based on a philosophy of future-proofing—meeting your needs today, as well as the changing customer expectations and technological advancements of the future. You aren’t simply purchasing a POS device, you are procuring a solution that will help you provide a positive customer experience for everyone who walks through your door.