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4 Benefits Gained by Using High Lumen Projection

EpsonOctober 5, 2023

Whether it’s a classroom, board meeting, or a concert, attendees walk into events with high expectations. They want to learn. They want to be engaged. And they want to be entertained. By delivering rich media experiences, content stays on their minds long after the event or session ends—and each time your organization meets this very high bar, you gain a loyal customer or attendee. But how do you accomplish this?

High-lumen projection technology enables the immersive content experiences that make everything from corporate businesses to large event venues truly stand out in the minds of their attendees. With both ease of use and scalability for nearly any application, high lumen laser projectors may be the ideal solution for organizations looking for a more efficient and meaningful option for presenting.

Organizations leveraging this leading-edge projection technology effectively are already a step ahead in their industries while captivating their audiences. Here are the top four benefits your company can gain by integrating high lumen projectors into its AV arsenal:

1. Improve audience engagement

Your audience must be able to easily see and comprehend your content in order to engage with it. The high-quality images from a high-lumen projector create a crisp image—with zero glare potential, no matter the environment—that ensures everyone in the room can easily read or view your content. Many projectors also automatically adjust settings based on the projection surface, which means less setup time and a reduction in human errors that often plague other digital displays. Because high lumen projectors are very reliable, you can count on it working correctly for each time—so no more stressing about technology before you present.

2. Deliver scalability and affordability

For large venues, corporate environments, or educational institutions that demand high quantity, high lumen projectors offer an affordable display and projection solution that scales no matter where you need it. For example, a highly dynamic setting like an even venue needs to have AV technology to support a wide range of immersive installations, such as is possible through projection mapping—which may be completely cost-prohibitive, or virtually impossible, to achieve with flatscreen televisions. Additionally, a business may find it more cost-efficient to invest in more portable projectors, rather than renting equipment for each dog-and-pony show or tradeshow.



3. Foster creativity and innovation

These days, high lumen projection supports some of the most creative media and content experiences anyone can imagine. Organizations leveraging leading-edge technology like laser projectors are often viewed as innovative by attendees. From major events and concerts to award shows, grand openings and celebrations — even dining experiences — projection artists are pushing the envelope and wowing viewers by using laser projectors and projection mapping techniques.



4. Enable engaging content experiences virtually anywhere

With a high-lumen laser projector, an organization can leverage a single piece of equipment for many different types of events and spaces—presentations in small conference rooms, religious services, sales presentations in a large ballroom, or special effects for a concert. Corporate offices trying to choose between purchasing a whiteboard wall or a flatscreen for their conference room no longer must choose. A projector can easily project on the surface of a whiteboard—allowing teams to keep the added collaboration space—providing even greater flexibility than a flatscreen. Because the equipment is moveable, portable projectors provide flexibility for transportation, whether it’s local or you’re shipping it across the country.

Your attendees devote their time, money, and energy to coming to your event or meeting. Every time your event does not live up to their high expectations, you lose trust. With a high lumen projector, you build trust with your attendees by providing a high-quality, engaging experience, that people are excited to attend. By leveraging the power of high lumen projectors now, your team will be seen as industry leaders invested in maximizing impact—others will live in your shadow.

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