5 Key Challenges High Lumen Projectors Solve for Higher Education

EpsonApril 6, 2018

Whether you’re looking for the most visible and engaging presentation for a Board of Trustees meeting or projection technology solutions for your largest lecture hall, the choices can be overwhelming. In today’s tech-first educational environment, it’s important to balance forward-looking classroom technology solutions with affordability and practicality. It’s not enough that students have full visibility and find it easy to engage with the materials. Educators and administrators need solutions that will allow them to implement and experiment with cutting-edge technology for rich, thought-provoking presentations. Here’s a closer look at five challenges high lumen projectors solve for higher education institutions and why IT departments and AV leaders are increasingly embracing this technology.

Be Visible: Ensure every student can see the materials

In trying to find affordable cutting-edge solutions to bring video and audio to every classroom and learning environment, many colleges and universities are quickly finding that flat screen monitors are not a sustainable solution. Sitting in your living room, a 70-inch display can seem massive; it’s very different in a lecture hall. According to the 4/6/8 rule (an AV standard) the ideal viewing distance, in correlation with room size, should be four, six or eight times the height of the screen for analytical viewing, basic viewing and passive viewing. This is nearly impossible with a flat screen, yet easily achievable with a high lumen projector.

Be Customizable: Solve common flat screen complaints

Many higher education institutions have moved to using flat screens in the classroom; it seemed like a modern choice. However, professors and AV professionals are now demanding new solutions. Students often can’t see the screens, and fixed screens bolted to the wall are impossible to adjust. The large screens take up significant wall space, and moving them to a new location requires filing a request with the facility’s maintenance office, followed by a lengthy wait. It’s difficult to deal with even common complaints such a glare on the screen. High lumen projectors provide mobile options that make customization and troubleshooting easy to accomplish.

Be Detailed: Reproduce visually impactful content in full-color detail

Projection also directly impacts the student experience. Imagine seeing the strokes and finest details in an art history class as you look at a rendering of the Mona Lisa. Envision a classroom full of prospective doctors getting an in-detail look at the human appendix and related systems before they head into the operating lab. Or engineering students being able to follow the detailed intricacies of an electrical system. High lumen projectors display bright, clear details in the highest quality.

Be Flexible: Adjust to the reality of today’s busy classroom environment

Projectors allow busy colleges and universities to invest in individual units that can each service several classrooms, rather than multiple flat screen monitors that only work in a single room. Professors and administrators need equipment that works with the demands of their busy classrooms. With a high lumen projector, both the presentation content and display configurations are controlled and adjusted from a computer. Plus, the bright images from a high lumen projector means the lights can stay on when viewing them, so professors can continue lecturing without technology-related interruptions—and pack more teaching into their busy schedules.

Be Interactive: Create immersive experiences with projection mapping

Teachers increasingly use multimedia to engage, motivate and inspire their students. Educators can bring the stories they’re teaching to life by using high lumen projection modules and projection mapping techniques. The lights, stories and images that are projected connect and immerse students in their educational worlds. With high lumen projectors, a classroom can be seemingly turned into a historical town, for example. Best of all, they require almost no maintenance and work across a range of surfaces, which keeps costs down by eliminating the need to invest in dedicated screens.

Technology plays a central role in helping educators and higher education institutions deliver the best student experience possible. High lumen projectors are helping teachers more effectively engage, motivate and teach students. Administrators and IT/AV experts love them because they’re cost-effective and easy to manage and integrate with the next generation of classroom technology.

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