5 Challenges a High Lumen Projector Can Help You Solve

EpsonApril 5, 2018

Running a successful event, no matter the scale or venue, involves many moving parts. While each event is unique, managers across org types run into many of the same challenges regardless of the venue, audience or type of event. Many IT administrators and meeting planners are using high lumen bulb projectors (6000+ lumens) or high lumen laser projection (in Epson’s case, about 25,000 lumens) to overcome common issues encountered with other display solutions. This technology lets you easily create a unique and impactful content experience on nearly any surface.

Here are 5 common event challenges to solve with high lumen laser projection technology:

1. Low attendance

People want to be entertained, even for educational and business related events. If they are bored, they aren’t going to attend next time. Boosting engagement can increase future attendance. People are more motivated at events with rich, high-sensory visuals; high-lumen projectors can enable this type of immersive environment. Technology capabilities today change people’s expectations—all settings must drive engagement. Creating a high-quality content experience keeps attendees engaged throughout the entire meeting or event.

  • Students of educational events and lectures will likely be motivated to return, and ready to participate.
  • Houses of worship can also increase attendance at worship services by using laser light projectors to engage worshipers and deliver a more impactful message.
  • Corporate teams and employees remain engaged and participate in meetings—increasing attendance and productivity.

Challenge: Events steadily see low attendance based on the level of participation and immersive content involved in historical events.

Solution: Integrate high-lumen projectors to easily create rich, high-quality content experiences for all types of attendees and events.

2. Poor visibility for attendees

It’s hard for attendees to be engaged in an event when they cannot read or see the media content. It’s easy to assume that a bigger digital display solves the problem—but if the clarity is low, then the result is larger fuzzy images. With a a high-brightness, vivid color projector, the images, animation and text are more visible at scale. Because high lumen projectors do not have a glare like other digital displays, content is legible on many different surfaces. Even without a screen, content is visible on virtually any surface it is projected onto—walls, whiteboards, drawn shades. Brightly lit rooms also aren’t an issue—high lumen projectors can consistently display clear images with plenty of ambient light . To determine the best display size for attendees based on the venue size, see the Epson Display Size Matters whitepaper.

Challenge: Larger display sizes don’t equate to larger audience visibility in most cases.

Solution: Deliver clear and legible content for attendees by using a high lumen projector and evaluating the best display size using the Epson Display Size Matters whitepaper.

3. Lackluster audience engagement

Do your organization’s attendees often stay seated instead of cheering or dancing, look bored during events, or even leave early? You want your event—from fundraisers and product launches to concerts and services—to be meaningful and memorable to everyone who walks through the door. High lumen projectors enable organizations to share content in a more visually rich and immersive environment, enveloping the audience in imagery. With these projectors, you can add panoramic videos to all surfaces of the venue, even floors and ceilings, to truly captivate your audiences. Large venues, such as hotels or conference centers, can map imagery across the entire facade of a building by using linked or stacked projectors to create stunning panoramic displays.

Challenge: If you aren’t able to capture your audience, events will lack engagement and attendance in the future.

Solution: Provide a more meaningful and memorable event experience by capturing the audience with visually rich content using a laser projector.

4. High projector rental fees

For events or off-site meetings, a common budget pitfall is planning to rent high-brightness, true-color projectors from outside vendors. Fees to rent the projection equipment can often reach close to six figures, especially for large-scale performances similar to stadium floor shows. Hiring a vendor to create media content drives the prices up even higher. With many affordable options for high lumen projectors, it may be more cost efficient to purchase projectors and create your own high-impact experiences. Another ownership benefit is you can easily ship your own equipment to an event, instead of waiting for rental companies to arrive.

Challenge: It may seem more efficient to rent out your equipment for less frequent events or on-site meetings, but the cost and reliability may pose a greater challenge than some of the other pieces you’re juggling for the event.

Solution: Set aside budget to invest in a more flexible and powerful projector—the latest products are easy to transport, cost-effective and reliable for all of your event needs.

5. Lengthy setup for audio visual equipment

Non-high lumen, lamp-based projectors take longer to heat up, and other display systems may require specialized AV teams to get up and running. And with laser high lumen projectors, it’s even quicker—with almost no maintenance thanks to being bulb-free. Also, with a high lumen laser projector, meeting setup is so easy teams can simply turn it on and start projecting. Look for a projector that remembers the settings to simplify conference meeting and event setup even more.

Unexpected issues will always come up when planning and putting on an event. When you use a high lumen projector to present and share your content, you can avoid many of the challenges you already know exist—and deliver even more immersive experiences.

Challenge: Other types of projectors or display systems pose greater challenges for event setup, especially if you don’t have a specialized AV team.

Solution: Simplify meeting and event setup with a high lumen projector and avoid technical challenges so you can focus on the event and content experience for your audience.

Choosing the right display technology solution is just the first step to delivering rich media content. Learn more about why projection size matters in our whitepaper.