Top 5 things to Consider When Selecting a High Lumen Projector

EpsonApril 5, 2018

You’ve made the decision to buy a high lumen projector. After careful consideration, your team realized the many different ways the projector will benefit your company, university or venue:

  • More engaging experiences for attendees
  • Significant cost saving over renting equipment
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation

So, how do you select the right high lumen projector given the variety of options available? The selection process can be overwhelming with the number of features and price points in the market. Selecting the right projector is crucial, but before you jump into product features, evaluate the following:

  • Image quality and color brightness desired for your venue and audience
  • Capacity and features you need for your venue and meeting needs
  • Location of the projector in relation to image placement

Once you have evaluated these criteria, here are five things to consider when purchasing a high lumen projector:

1. Type of lens

Selecting the right type of lens for your organization’s primary needs makes a big impact in the overall quality of the performance. If the projector will be close to the display area, consider a short-throw lens. And if someone in your audience walks in front of the projector, the show will still go on—the audience will see your content, not their shadow.

2. Integration with existing infrastructure

The last thing anyone wants to worry about before a show or meeting starts is having issues with the projector not working with existing audio and video system at a venue. This is especially important if your team will be traveling to new locations for events. Look for a projector that integrates with all types of existing AV systems. You want a projector anyone can simply plug in and use.

3. Chip technology

The type of chip in the projector determines the color brightness. Look for a projector with the latest 3LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. This technology displays colors up to three times brighter than technologies that rely on 1-chip DLP (Digital Light Projection)*. Because some projectors lose image quality over time, look for models that keep their quality even after years of use. Images, video and animation that appear washed out and are not in focus create a much lower emotional response in the audience than brilliant colors and exceptional image quality. Ask for a demonstration of the projector you are considering and, if possible, demo a sample of content.

4. Number of lumens

The number of lumens needed for presentations depends on the size of the projection area and the amount of ambient light. You will need more lumens for a larger area with bright ambient light than a smaller screen with low light. When looking at projectors, determine the maximum number of lumens they can produce. Since your organization’s needs may change as events and meetings scale, try to get the highest number of lumens that you can afford without sacrificing the other features you need.

5. Lamp or laser projection

The majority of high lumen projectors are lamp-based. However, high lumen laser may offer a few unique benefits. For instance, lamps can become dimmer over time, causing lower image quality when projected at scale. In large venues, low maintenance for high quality can be key to scalable success. Additionally, lamps take time to warm up and they use fans, which may be too noisy in close quarters, such as a board meeting. With a laser projector, the presenter can flip a switch and get to work almost immediately.

Take the time to find a projector that works best for your content and venue to ensure your organization can deliver a visual show that sets the mood for your event. Explore Epson’s projector solutions to find the right projector for your team.



Color Brightness (Color Light Output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Color Brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors versus top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on PMA Research sales data for Dec. 2015 through Nov. 2016. Visit Epson’s Color Brightness page for more information.