5 Ways Projection Mapping Transforms Any Venue—From Nightclubs to Churches

EpsonApril 5, 2018

Projection mapping with high lumen projectors helps infuse new life into events, promotional displays and large venues all over the world. If you are looking for creative ways to draw in phone addicts, unimpressed millennials, or older, sleepier generations, projection mapping with high-lumen projectors will open eyes and drop jaws. Today, venue owners and managers project video, color and animation to transform sports stadiums, nightclubs, museums and other major venues into immersive theaters of light and sound. Once effects that were reserved for the likes of Disney World and Universal Studios, today’s flexible and affordable technologies are making it easier to develop customized effects that are perfect for demanding audiences. Let’s take a closer look at five ways high lumen projectors are helping venues reinvent their viewer experiences. 

1. Customize your projection mapping for virtually any venue

High lumen projectors can customize projection mapping to just about any environment. Whether you’re working in a small space or a massive auditorium, it’s possible to deliver an unforgettable experience for your audience. Today’s bright, high-quality and high-lumen projectors can transform virtuallyany surface: a flat wall, the entire exterior of a building, or irregular shapes such as customized display boards or building columns. Projectors are portable and can be stacked for seamless projection and integration of images on a larger scale. It’s even possible to create panoramas or portrait projections.

2. Easily create end-to-end experiences with simple software

With projection mapping, create highly visual experiences that are fully immersive. It’s no longer necessary to pay companies to print creative displays or rely on expensive outside services. High lumen  projectors work easily with experiences created with off-the-shelf software. Sync lights and visuals to music in a nightclub, or blend color and sound to create an unforgettable story. Software platforms like Resolume Arena and MadMapper make it easy to create end-to-end experiences in house.

3. Tap into moods and emotions to engage audiences

One of the benefits of projection mapping is that it’s easy to create an ambient environment to excite your audience. Lights and sound are used to turn audiences into raving fans during sports events, and they are used to turn up the heat in today’s hottest clubs getting club goers to hit the dance floor. From event openings to product launches, the high motion and engaging visuals of a creative projection-mapped show draw in crowds. Light, sound and color bring stories to life in a way that’s high impact. Use these different elements to hold your viewers’ attention, motivate them to take a specific action, and evoke emotions that help transform individual venues and experiences into places visitors want to come back to again and again.

4. Illuminate faith in houses of worship

Projection mapping even helps houses of worship create immersive, engaging experiences. Sound, music and visuals have long been a part of the worship experience, across churches and denominations. From elaborate stained-glass windows to choirs ringing out with beautiful hymns, congregations have worked hard to bring their faith to life. Today’s houses of worship are using technology to help engage, inspire and motivate their congregations. According to the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, congregations that used a significant amount of technology reported improvements in both member recruitment and clarity of purpose. Churches are broadcasting inspirational messages, using projection to prompt participation in hymns and services and even streaming live video to forge deeper community relationships among their congregations.

5. Keep technology investments affordable

Projection mapping and visual effects were once the province of only the largest venues and biggest brands. Today, with more affordable high-lumen and high-lumen lasertechnology, small and midsize brands are taking their customer experience to the next level. The cost of laser projectors has come down dramatically in the last few years. The latest technology requires almost no maintenance. Since projection works on any surface, venues don’t need to invest in specialized screens or additional equipment.

Venues require plans to help draw in visitors and create an exciting experience for guests. Projection mapping is now an affordable, flexible option that can be customized to any venue and changed based on different events, shows and experiences. From creating visual interest to evoking an emotional connection, high lumen projectors open up a variety of options for venue owners and managers to consider.