Finding the Right Projector for Your Meeting Room

EpsonApril 5, 2018

As the board of directors sit in the high-tech conference room or your sales team pitches a key client, there’s no time for delays. Critical meetings require fast, seamless projection. Images, videos and proposals should be projected in beautiful, high with maximum brightness and clarity to engage audiences. Increasingly, office managers, IT experts and corporate decision makers are turning to high lumen bulb-based projectors and the newer bulb-free laser projectors for:

  • their meeting rooms
  • video conferencing
  • to support cutting-edge team collaboration

Here are four things to keep in mind when selecting the right projector for your conference room or corporate venue.

1. Providing the best tools for your next meeting

Your executives and your workforce rely on projectors for dynamic meetings. Whether they’re doing a playback of their latest customer market research interview, showcasing your top social media campaign, or pitching a high-value prospect, multimedia content plays a key role in helping them make a lasting impression. High lumen projectors are easy to set up, blend easily into the background without creating excess noise, and produce a high-fidelity image. Invest in projection technology that helps your presenters “wow” audiences with a more immersive and seamless video and audio experience.

2. Use high quality projection for video conferencing

Video conferencing allows your workers to connect with colleagues, partners and vendors. Remote interviewing is helping companies attract top talent from around the globe, while enabling preliminary conversations without expensive flights and hotel stays. Corporate video conferencing is being used for event presentations and working more closely with clients and customers. High lumen projectors bring a realistic quality to video conferences; audiences feel like they’re right there, with high definition visuals that foster an immediate connection and, hopefully, more meaningful relationships.

3. Add a more immersive projection experience to improve team collaboration

Collaboration tools are changing the way that remote teams work together. Real-time chat, easy document sharing, and the ability to work together on projects at the same time are adding a new dimension to collaboration—and meeting collaboration is no exception. High lumen projection gets people off their phones and tablets, tables conversations and demands attention.

5. Simplify your IT and AV support needs

Companies have vast networks of meeting spaces and conference rooms and huddle rooms, with conversations and events happening throughout the day or even late into the evening. Each of these spaces require support from your IT and AV teams. High lumen projectors are easy to operate and—in the case of high lumen laser projectors—require next to no maintenance at all. As a result, they reduce the drain of time and resources from your IT support and audiovisual departments. Projectors are also a more flexible and agile solution than flat screens. Bulky flat screens can take up a large amount of space in crowded conference rooms and are difficult to move to other locations. When visibility or glare issues occur, the best solution with a flat screen is to ask a meeting participant to move their seat. With high lumen projectors, the image is so crisp and bright your team won’t even have to turn off the lights in order to see what’s on the screen.

Technology is the heartbeat of how companies connect, whether it’s helping the workforce stay in touch with each other or using video conferencing to support customers. High lumen projection can overcome the challenges associated with other kinds of displays. When making your next investment, focus on benefits from smoother operations to the best quality interactive and high-fidelity image projection for your video conference or collaborative session.

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