3 Virtual Labs to Add to Your Classroom

EpsonOctober 11, 2018

Do you want to provide more opportunities for your students to conduct laboratory experiments, but you’re limited by time, space, and cost? Teachers are now turning to virtual experiments, using interactive projectors, to provide more opportunities for students to learn through lab activities.

Teacher standing in front of elementary school class

Because the projector works with your existing whiteboard, you don’t need any special equipment to run the lab. For smaller groups, you can project the image on a table—so students can each interact with the image. By touching the image with their finger or a pen, students can change and view the experiment just as if it were a traditional experiment. The visual clarity of the technology lets all students see the experiment from their seats and collaborate together as a group.

Here are three virtual lab activities to share with your class:

  • Clone a mouse – While you can’t set up an actual cloning activity in your lab, Genetics lets students go through the steps needed to make a clone of a brown mouse named Mimi.
  • See the evolution of lizards – View the animation created by BioInteractive to see how the lizard has evolved into different species.
  • Monitor blood pressure – Instead of just having students take each other’s blood pressure, Pearson’s blood pressure lab lets kids simulate taking the blood pressure of multiple human subjects in addition to that of a small animal.

Interested in more creative ideas? Learn even more ways to use virtual labs in your classroom.